Becoming a Club Member

Become a Member

To become a member of Broughty Bowling Club, download the form below and return to the club.

2023 fees are as follows:

  • Ordinary (full playing) member £160
  • Non-Playing member £30
  • Junior (under 18) £30

If you have any questions or queries about membership, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Why would I want to join Broughty Bowling Club?

A : We are an active and extremely social group of people across the age ranges.  We enjoy competitive play and the social side of bowling too.

Q : How can I get involved?

A : You can be involved as much or little as you wish.  We are flexible with our members.

Q : Do I need previous experience?

A : No you do not need any previous experience we have coaching sessions for all levels. There are internal and external competitions for people of all levels.

Q: Can I get coaching?

A: Yes you can.  Just go to our coaching section within events and you’ll see when the sessions takes place.  There are a few coaching dates organised each season to suit various levels of need.

Q : How can I network with fellow bowlers in the Club?

A : You can network with fellow bowlers by coming along to our Men’s Open Plays (Monday night) or Ladies Open Plays (Tuesday afternoon).  We do offer a ‘buddy’ scheme for new players.

Q : Can I visit the Club to see if it is for me?
A : Yes, we can arrange a visit at a mutually suitable time.
Q : Can I play for the Club?
A : Regular Saturday afternoon play is available to all members. There are midweek options too. Dependent on the level of experience members can play for the teams at specific matches, this is usually on selection by the Selection Committee.
Q : Are there social events?
A : Yes, we have a calendar of social events available for members and most are open to a partner/ guest of your choice.
Q : Can I bring along a partner or sign in a guest?
A : You can bring a partner/guest four times during the season to play bowls.  You can, of course, bring guests to the social events
Q : Are there mixed events?
A : Yes, we have many mixed events and they are offered to members of all levels.
Q : I am an experienced bowler, how do I join the Club team?
A : Dependent on the level of experience members can play for the teams at specific matches, this is usually on selection by the Selection Committee.
Q : How much are the Club fees?

A : 2023 fees are Ordinary (full playing) member £160, Non-Playing member £30 and Junior (under 18) £30



Q : What is included in my fee?

A : Use of the Club, bowling green, mid week and Saturday friendlies usually include a meal, and bar facilities. Some social events are offered but there may be a small charge.  Your fee also includes Ladies and Gent’s Opening and Closing Day meals.

Q : Do I need to be proposed / seconded?

A : No.  Just complete our simple application form.

Q : Are there any gender restrictions?
A : No there are not any gender restrictions.  Ladies and Men have equal opportunities and rights.
Q : Do I need any special equipment?

A : Appropriate shoes but apart from that wear is informal.  A set of bowls will be needed but we have a selection of bowls you can borrow until you know what type suits you.  If you’re entering outside competitions you’ll need grey trousers/skirts, bowling shoes, white polo Club shirt, white sweater (if desired) and suitable white weather proof outer clothing. 

Q : Who do I contact?

A : Contact should be made in the first instance to the Club Secretary :

Q : Final Question – Should I join???
A :    YES!!